Nothing Can Deter God’s Plan For You


Pravs J- Nothing Can Deter God's Plan For You

A Little girl called Sola, a primary 5 pupil was so much hated by her class teacher Mrs Ayen. She does everything within her power to disfavor Sola whenever opportunity presents itself.

One day, foreign missionaries visited the school with lots of educational material and the need to share foreign text books to the pupil’s arised, the head teacher asked every class teacher to organise their pupils in a single line.

Mrs Ayen ensured she made Sola to stand as the last person in her class as she said to herself, “Who knows if the gift might not be enough, so it won’t get to her turn.”

When Miss Jacob the missionary entered the class, she moved to the front but found out the pupils were so close to the blackboard, in order not to stain herself she seek for a space to stand and discovered there were more space for her to stand at the back, after arranging materials to be shared she said; class, about turn’, at this point Sola automatically became the first pupil on the line and the first to receive from that class.

No man will frustrate you from what God prepares for you. Any plan of the enemies to deny your blessing will never stand.